Policy Advocacy

SFCDC researches public policies impacting community economic development. SFCDC also represents its members by advocating to preserve and expand funding for community development, to use resources for community development effectively, and to implement sound community development policy. Each year, SFCDC members select the top advocacy objectives for the year and the organization strives to achieve those objectives through local, state, and federal advocacy.

In addition to a housing policy committee, SFCDC has a newly formed economic development policy committee that focuses on small business development and advancing economic opportunities in Miami-Dade County. Participating on a policy committee is open to any SFCDC member.

SFCDC works with partners, including the Florida Housing Coalition (FHC), the Florida Alliance of CDCs (FLACDC), and the National Alliance of Community and Economic Development Associations (NACEDA) among other local organizations whose advocacy priorities align with ours.

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Process of Determining Policy Priorities

Schedule of 2015 Policy Meetings

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